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EpiPhotonics was established in 2007 as the fruit of 20 years' research and development of PLZT optical waveguides and devices at Fuji Xerox, Xerox PARC and MIT. EpiPhotonics is committed to delivering differentiated value to customers and partners though its unique technology. It is our mission to lead the way in developing technological advances that make better systems for future communications.

Corporate Profile 

Corporate Profile
Company : EpiPhotonics
Founded : December 18, 2007
Positioning : Design and manufacture of PLZT photonics components and subsystems for the Telecommunications, Data communications, and Fiber optic sensing markets
Innovation : Breakthroughs in epitaxial PLZT electro-optics waveguide
Products : - 1xN and NxN PLZT optical switches
- AWG type wavelength switch
- Customized integrated photonic devices
Service : - Contract development of PLZT devices
Locations : Silicon Valley Facility, USA
EpiPhotonics USA, Inc.
832 Jury Court, Unit 3, San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: +1-408-920-7019, Fax: +1-408-920-7021

Yamato Facility, Japan
EpiPhotonics Corp.
KAWAZ Bldg. 5F
2-1-16 Yamatominami, Yamato-shi
Kanagawa 242-0016, Japan
Phone: +81-46-244-3192, Fax: +81-46-244-3193

Keiichi Nashimoto, Ph.D.
Founder, President and CEO

Keiichi "Ken" Nashimoto has more than 20 years of experience in the fiber optics industry and is well known as a pioneer of thin film PLZT waveguide technology. He served as President and CEO at Nozomi Photonics and Fuji Xerox Lightwave Technologies where he founded the PLZT component business. He also managed various projects during his 16 years at Fuji Xerox. He was also a visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he pioneered solid-phase epitaxy, and Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, where he invented the first epitaxial oxides on GaAs structure.

Ken organized the first international symposium on "Thin Films for Optical Waveguide Devices" at the Materials Research Society in Boston in 1999. He received awards from such organizations as the Technical Committee on Photonic Network at the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE). He has 80 issued or filed patents, 100 publications, and number of invited lectures.

Ken received his Ph.D. in applied physics from the Nagoya Institute of Technology and an M.S. and a B.S. in Metallurgy from Waseda University. He completed the Advanced Study Program at MIT where he studied management of technology at Sloan School of Management. He is a fellow of IEICE. He is a member of IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society, IEICE, the Japan Society of Applied Physics, the Materials Research Society, and the Ceramic Society of Japan.


EpiPhotonics is a fast-growing, high-technology company headquartered in Japan with its main research and development facility in San Jose, California. By capitalizing on its proprietary PLZT waveguide technology, EpiPhotonics designs, manufactures, and markets advanced nano-second speed photonics products for the optical communications market.

EpiPhotonics, a privately held company, offers a dynamic work environment and growth potential for qualified and motivated individuals. Our multicultural team is comprised of world-class, high-performing engineers, scientists, manufacturing and business professionals.

Open positions:

  • Product development engineer and/or technicians: Over five years of experiences in optical waveguide product development including packaging and testing.

If you are interested in joining our dynamic and innovative working team, please send your extended Curriculum Vitae to

All applications are treated confidentially.